Lindsay Rosenwald Chairman: A Review Of His Career

Lindsay Rosenwald chairman and founder of Paramount BioSciences is a well known and highly respected investor in the biotechnology and life-sciences industry. During his career he has had numerous achievements and to understand how he got to his current position it is best to look at where it all began and trace its career through the last couple of decades.

Lindsay originally graduated with a bachelor of science degree in 1976 from the highly respected Penn State and after his graduation he then moved into the healthcare world where he became an independent management consultant. His studies then took him to the Temple University School of Medicine where he managed to obtain his doctor of medicine in 1983. He then completed his clinical training at the Abington Memorial Hospital where he focused on internal medicine. All of this did then set him up perfectly for his entire career and indeed it can rightfully be claimed that without all of this support and backing he would not have achieved anywhere near as much throughout his life. Continue reading »

Car Insurance Cost-Cutters That Will Reduce Your Premiums

Car Insurance Cost-CuttersThe following car insurance cost-cutters are going to be capable of reducing your premiums by quite a substantial amount each year and clearly it is better that the money stays in your pocket rather than those of the insurance companies. Car insurance is something that we all need to have in order to get our vehicle on the road, but by keeping these following tips in mind it will cost you less and still allow you to get to wherever you need to go.

First, if your car insurance is too expensive, then look at the car itself because it has always been the case that more powerful and expensive cars will cost the most to insure whereas the further down the power chart you go, then the lower the premiums tend to be. This is certainly a sure-fire way of reducing those premiums, but if you want to keep your vehicle, then there are still some things that you can do to reduce the costs.
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3 Types of Investments

Types of InvestmentsFor individuals who are considering new investments, you have to know what the 3 main types of investments are; the ones you are going to get in to include: ownership, lending, or cash equivalent types of investments. Each has their benefits, and each has their drawbacks, so you have to know which are best for you, what to avoid, when to go in, and when the best times are for you to personally go in to any of these categories of investments, based on your current financial situation, and where you are trying to get in the near future, as well as down the road.


These are the most common types of investments, and what most people think about when considering investments. They are also the most volatile and lucrative class of investments. Some of the most common types include:
- Stocks (which are riskier than others out there).
- Home purchases or purchasing an investment property to rent out to others.
- Business (putting in the money to make money, and serve your client base).
- Precious items (gold, silver, signed memorabilia or items of interest by individuals who are willing to pay top dollar); and,
- Other similar items that you are going to own, and will help you make money off the investment.
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How To Fix Your Credit Rating When It Is In A Terrible Mess

Fix your credit ratingBelieve it or not, but there are ways to fix your credit rating even when you know that it is not in the healthiest of states and it is restricting you when it comes to getting loans or credit cards. Doing this is certainly a wise move on your part because it will pave the way for it to be easier to get further credit in the future and all that is required is some careful planning on your part as will be explained below.

In order to fix it, the best thing that you can do is to take out further loans and then pay them back on time. This may at first sound like a crazy idea, but it is undoubtedly the quickest and easiest way to get some positives put on your rating rather than it merely mentioning how you have failed with loans in the past. Exactly how this approach works does depend on how bad your rating currently is, but these general rules will apply to everybody that is considering doing this.
Merchant cash advance
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5 Hard Facts On Retirement

5 hard facts on retirementFor those who are considering retirement, planning ahead, or are wondering how much they will have set aside, there are some things to be weary of, and these 5 hard facts on retirement, are something you do have to consider, in order to ensure you are prepared. It is not easy, and even if you have saved, and planned ahead, if you do not start to think about retirement as early as possible, you might be stuck with few finances, and looking to other resources for cash when you are no longer in the employment world.

Longevity of life

Before people expected to live only a few years after 65, and enjoy those years once they retired. But, with medical advances, many people are living 20, 25, and 30 years more (more in some cases). So, rather than plan ahead for a few years, you have to make sure you consider cost of living, inflation, and other costs, for those additional years you did not have to think about a few years ago.
Mortgage Refinance Companies – Homeowners should shop home refinancing offers as interest rates are really low.
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Simple Great Tricks For Saving More

great tricks for saving moreFor families or individuals who are planning for their future, and trying to find simple solutions and great tricks for saving more, there are quite a few things you can do. Even on a limited income, and with many bills to pay, you can save, and you can put away for your future, your family, or just a rainy day that might be around the corner. These are some simple, great tricks for saving more, and having something put away for the days you might really need it.

Put aside money for fun

Each paycheck you get, you should put some money in a small envelope, and put the rest in savings. Once the money is gone for that week, you get no more to spend. You don’t take out of your savings, you simply give yourself a little to play with, on anything you want to spend it on, and once it is gone, you have to wait until your next pay period to get more for spending cash. Continue reading »

5 Simple Money Rules to Live By

simple money rules to live byUnderstanding your personal finance does not necessarily mean you will never make mistakes or encounter financial concerns. However, you can minimize the odds and avoid serious consequences is you know how to manage your finances and lifestyle. The following are some simple money rule to live by, so you can secure your economic status efficiently.

1. Determine the difference between wants and needs.

Basically, our needs are rather limited – shelter, food, housing and clothing. On the other hand, almost everything else that falls outside those categories are classified as wants. In addition, our wants seem rather endless despite having limited resources. With this in mind, it is important to identify the “wants” that you should fulfill. Continue reading »

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